Travel is inspirational and introduces us to new cultures and tastes around the world. But, our favorite form of escapism often comes mired in chaos caused delays, gate changes, security checks, and more. At HMSHost, we are committed to putting simplicity back into the travel journey as it relates to airport dining and help manage the chaos.

HMSHost is using technology to allow the guest to choose the pace of their experience. For example – let’s say a traveler receives a text from their airline app indicating there is a delay in travel. No problem! Grab a table at one of our restaurants or a seat at the bar, and experience HMSHost’s award-winning hospitality while you enjoy our food & beverage service. This is the experience HMSHost provides millions of travelers every week.

"HMSHost is using technology to allow the guest to choose the pace of their experience."

However, somewhere in the restaurant is a passenger feeling anxious because they need to pay their bill in order to catch a flight. Or they only have 20 minutes until boarding and are unsure if they have time for the full-service restaurant mobile order dine-in experience. This is where our technology shines – simply scan the QR code on the table, launch the HMSHost app and pay your bill in seconds. Better yet, use the QR code app to control your entire experience including browsing the menu, placing your order, adding another beer, and paying your bill when you are ready to go. We provide the power to choose the pace of experience into the hands and device  of the traveler. Currently, HMSHost offers QR code mobile order dine-in technology in over 200 casual dine restaurants around the country.

We offer an array of technology offerings beyond our full-service QR code app to allow the traveler to customize their restaurant experience, at the speed they need. Our self-order kiosks now account for over one-third of sales in enabled quick-service restaurants. Self-order technology allows guests to skip the line by placing their order directly on the kiosk.

We also offer self-checkout solutions in over 160 stores across the U.S. that serve over 100,000 guests per week. In addition, we offer Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay in over 200 units. Guests can place their Starbucks order before passing through security for a completely frictionless experience and  our team will have the order ready and waiting. Moreover, we have over 100 smart grab-n-go coolers in use across North America offering fresh sandwiches, salads, snacks, and beverage. Tap your credit card, open the door, grab your item, and go!

HMSHost has also integrated with OpenTable’s best-in-class virtual waitlist now available in nine airports around the U.S. with more airports in the pipeline. There is no need to wait in line to provide your name and party size. With virtual waitlist, you just enter your mobile number and we will text you when your table is ready. Travelers love the freedom to browse retail or use the restroom rather than waiting at the restaurant for a table.

At HMSHost, we are giving travelers the power to control the pace of their experience – from seconds to hours – it is your choice.