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Analytical Wizards: Unleashing the Power of AI in Pharma Marketing

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2020

The rapid development and improvement of AI tools and techniques is strikingly challenging the traditional retail industry and its dated processes. In the era of New Retail, many of the successful brick and mortar shops are running the risk of fading out in the market space eventually. Only when they adapt to the changing scenarios and outstanding innovations can they bring back their popularity and compete with the rest. The New Retail concept implements the trend of utilizing AI technologies such as computer vision and NLP in unmanned stores and warehouses. This way, accelerating the supply chain upgrades opens up more opportunities for the future of shopping. The steady growth of the global economy and the consequent surge in the retail industry has a lot to do with the AI technologies that are in place to make processes more comfortable than ever.

Some of the AI technologies that support the retail industry have to include 2D/3D computer vision, or in short, CV, widely applied across unmanned warehouses, stores, shelving, and a virtual display. Implementation of 2D or 3D CV often includes combination with other advanced technologies in New Retail spaces. Similarly, keeping in mind the importance of communication as one of the key factors in retailing, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is imperative. As human interactive technologies catch much of the limelight, NLP has become a favorite among giant retailers, supporting machine translation, text data mining, semantic computing, etc. Moreover, to maintain unmanned fast and intelligent environment for New Retail, Robotics forms one of the core elements. Robotics can be applied in package receiving, package storage, order picking, and other packaging processes, with the help of deep learning and CV. In New Retail Applications, AI technologies powered machine learning and computer vision, AR and VR have been particularly put into use as AR try-ons and 3D virtual shopping. Even sensors are quite helpful when it comes to collecting information relevant to the retail industry. In combination with deep learning and machine learning algorithms, sensors are used by retailers in order to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

We hope the issue of Retail Tech Insights helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to enable artificial intelligence in the retail industry.

We present to you Retail Tech Insights’ “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies

  • Adapt is dedicated to helping leading brands and retailers meet the ever-changing customer needs. The company has developed a visual, unified, AI-powered consumer intelligence platform to redefine the speed and accuracy retailers react to consumer needs, identify new growth opportunities, and significantly generate more revenue. Adapt’s platform uses advanced visual and deep learning AI algorithms to analyze the collected data, uncover new and unmet consumer needs, and provide retailers with full control and complete visibility into every digital point of sale, such as pricing, promotions, share of shelf, and more

  • New Jersey headquartered Analytical Wizards combines deep industry expertise and knowledge with AI/ML powered scalable analytical solutions to help pharmaceutical brands accelerate and deepen insights to inform their marketing strategies. The company has two offering WIZ and IZE. As an omnichannel marketing tool, WIZ helps pharmaceutical companies to optimize marketing investment and their promotional strategy based on customer behaviour. WIZ helps Brand leads optimize their scarce marketing budgets across channels, personal and non-personal, and optimize a particular campaign and or a channel. The IZE Engine from Analytical Wizards has the ability to integrate data sources for a given brand or indication to optimize brand performance. It enables 1) Speed to Insights 2) Proactive Performance Management through predictive triggers in the field 3) Integrated Performance Management for consistency and a single version of the truth across the organization

  • Quicklizard offers the ultimate dynamic pricing platform for e-commerce and omnichannel retailers. The company’s AI platform continuously tracks and analyzes multiple data sources, adjusting prices, so clients stay profitable and competitive at the same time. The company collects information from competitive landscapes, customer journeys, and demand trends. By actively adapting to changes in the market, clients can set the right prices to maximize sales volume and increase revenue by up to 30 percent. The company seamlessly integrates with most commerce, retail and ERP platforms, while automatically syncing pricing recommendations.

  • AnalyticsIQ


    AnalyticsIQ works with marketers from a wide variety of industries that are as excited about great data as we are. Financial institutions, non-profits, auto manufacturers, retailers, agencies, and travel providers all have unique data needs. Insurance marketers rely on AnalyticsIQ’s financial and predictive data to target the right audience with the right product. For example, it can help to identify people searching for long-term care insurance or who are considering making a new auto purchase – all perfect candidates for insurance products

  • Blueday


    Blueday’s SaaS solution maximizes the potential your store fleet by boosting the sales productivity of your in-store teams. With a focus on retail chains with more than 25 stores, Blueday has already created tremendous value for leading retailers such as Victoria’s Secret and Advance Auto Parts. Blueday helps to the power of AI, Blueday crunches a retailer’s troves of data in real-time and finds the relevant patterns to drive action at the speed and detail of retail

  • Competera


    Competera Pricing Platform is secure cloud-based pricing software which suits omnichannel enterprise retailers from any industry. By leveraging the blend of machine learning algorithms, math and business rules, the platform helps retailers make the right pricing and promo decisions at any given moment to keep a balance between a rewarding shopping experience and profit growth

  • Exponential AI

    Exponential AI

    Exponential AI drastically accelerates the process of building, deploying, and scaling enterprise grade AI solutions enabling evidence based decision making, accelerating automation of complex enterprise processes, and continuously gathering feedback to nurture and curate the strategic and operational knowledge of the models it operates. Exponential AI’s enterprise grade AI Platfrom – Enso enalbes organizations to create value in production in less than three months. Exponential AI is partnered with leading Fortune 50 clients across Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail and Financial Services accelerating their enterprise digital transformations with AI

  • Loyalty Builders

    Loyalty Builders

    Loyalty Builders was founded by Dr. Mark Klein and Dr. David Meeker who combined research at the University of New Hampshire with experience building analytics companies and products, such as the popular Forest & Trees. Today Loyalty Builders is a leader in a new breed of automated, service-oriented predictive customer analytics. The company approach typically is more accurate, yet a small fraction of the time and cost of any other approach. Its mission is to make predicting the purchasing behavior of each customer as automated as scheduling emails, and to enable marketers to personalize product recommendations and lifecycle-sensitive offers across all channels

  • Retalon


    Empower retailers with state-of-the-art, data driven predictive analytics & AI solutions for planning, merchandising, inventory management, price optimization, and more. The company analytics platform is designed with a dynamic omnichannel retail environment in mind. Our cloud-based solutions are built on one comprehensive platform that provides retailers with superior forecast accuracy, streamlined automation, and business intelligence support tools that deliver tangible results

  • XGen


    Increase Brand Loyalty & Retention by dynamically connect with the users by displaying social media content most relevant to each user. It also help in dynamically change content on the site to keep users on site longer and engage with more pages. It has the Ability to add content variants. The best content for each user is automatically rendered for that user Display any web element with dynamic content

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